How does call answering work?


RED will give you a unique, dedicated telephone number.

You can put this number on your business cards, van or car, marketing material or advertising, or simply use it for diverting.

If you already have a business landline or virtual number, you simply route it to the number RED gives you.  

We can also ‘port’ most numbers to our telephony portal, so we can manage the number for you as well.


You have control of the divert

You can divert your calls on a permanent basis if you would like us to answer all your calls.  If you’d like to answer some yourself then RED advises clients to set up the divert so that calls will come to us when your number is busy or unanswered.  This is like having extra business lines in your office.


Your calls are routed to RED

The name of your company appears on the PA's screen - this is how they know how to answer the call.


Calls can be transferred, or a message taken

They can be transferred (or 'patched') to any landline or mobile number, although mobile calls cost a bit more.  Messages can be sent by email or text. Some companies charge extra for SMS – RED doesn’t.