What information will RED need?


The more information you provide, the more professionally your calls can be answered.

At RED we take pride in how we familiarise ourselves with all our clients, such that callers assume they’re talking to someone in your business. High volume call centres don’t have the time to do this.

RED has a rigorous set-up procedure to ensure we know everything we need to be able to handle your calls professionally and in accordance with your business ethic.

We will want to know what your business does, who the employees are and their responsibilities, how you want us to handle calls, who your VIP callers are and also who you would like to ‘blacklist’ so their calls don’t get through.

RED filter blacklisted calls and cold sales calls, so you don’t waste money paying for messages you really don’t want. Call centres will start the charging process as soon as the phone rings – RED doesn’t.

This is what we’re good at – our experience helps us know what’s important. And we send you or talk you through the set-up procedure so you don’t have to waste any time getting started.