What is a telephone answering service?


A Telephone Answering Service (TAS) is a company such as RED that answers incoming calls for other businesses. These calls may be transferred (patched) to an employee's phone; a message delivered by email or SMS; a diary updated; orders taken; payment processed; CRM system updated.

Not all TAS offer all these services – RED does.

A TAS will help prevent you losing business if you’re not able to answer the phone or your calls go to the ‘dreaded’ voicemail – industry stats (Henley Business Centre) show that 70-80% of people do not leave messages – they simply look for an alternate supplier who has a real person answering the phone.

For any business, engaging a TAS is a cost effective alternative to hiring a dedicated receptionist. You can use the service as much or as little as you need.

All calls can be routed to your outsourced Receptionists or just those that can’t be answered when you’re busy or simply don’t want to be interrupted.

Call Answering Hours
Office Hours- Calls areanswered throughout the day (including the lunch hour) from 08.30 until 18.00 weekdays.

Extended Hours- If you’d like us to answer your telephone in the evening and at weekends, or for the full 24/7 cycle we can do that too. 

Holiday Cover- We can even answer your calls on an ad hoc basis for a day when you’re ill or suffer staff shortages, or for a week or fortnight to cover your holidays.

Calls answered in your Company Name
RED usessoftware that identifies the destination of each incoming call which enables us to answer with the appropriate greeting, typically, "Good morning (or Afternoon), Widget & Co, Karen speaking, how may I help?". If you require a different greeting you simply let us know when we’re setting the service up for you.

Send your messages via email or SMS

Messagesare sent immediately by email or text assoon as the call ends.  Faxes can be sent but are used less and less frequently.


Transfer (patch) calls to a landline or mobile number

Calls can be transferred (or 'patched') through to any standard telephone number. Calls to Mobiles will cost a little more.  You can specify which types of calls, or callers, you want transferred.  We announce the caller before connecting you so you have the option of declining the call discreetly.


Backup for your messages

All messages are stored in a secure partition of RED’s database and can be recalled if necessary.

 The Date and Time calls were received, is stored by sophisticated call logging software.